Liz was there for me when I needed help, and on a Saturday too! When Liz had guided through my on-line self-assessment tax return earlier in the
year, it had seemed so easy with an expert sitting right next to me telling me exactly what to do! It didn’t seem so simple a few months later though when I
needed to retrieve a copy of my completed return. I didn’t know where to start, the deadline was looming and it was a Saturday. In my panic, I decided to post a plea for help on Facebook, thinking I’d get a response at the start of the working week. Imagine how impressed I was to get a response from Liz within minutes and a phone call from her a few minutes after that to talk me through all the necessary steps to find the information I needed. Now that’s what I call customer service!

Lesley Anne Burton

Bespoke Decorative Services

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